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Our Story

"When I saw this waste, it immediately reminded me of the cotton fibers we have been working on in my family business for over a century. I was inspired by the techniques of the textile industry to regenerate this deposit, made of recycled plastic!"
Marcela Moison
Founder & CEO

Genesis of the project

Marcela is looking for a recycling niche and meets plastic recycling experts. She discovered a major problem in the treatment of agricultural plastic waste and specifically round bale and string nets.

First tests 

While travelling in Peru, Marcela uses her textile knowledge of the family business to find a suitable solution for cleaning the round bale nets used by farmers. It launches the first conclusive tests..

Patent filing 

After several tests and by increasing the volumes of waste to be treated, Marcela applied for a patent for its mechanical recycling process without using water inspired by the textile industry.


The last test performed validates the process without the use of water, the quality of the recycled plastic material and a lower energy impact. 

An ETV verification process is underway which will certify the process and virtuous circle of infinite recycling developed by RecyOuest.


The opening and start-up of an industrial demonstrator ( factory) is scheduled in 2021. 

Our Values

Le bon sens

Common sense must be part of our daily lives.

At RecyOuest, giving new life to used products and working in an eco-designed way is now a priority.


Since the genesis of the project, Recyouest has been building its project to ensure that its environmental impact is as limited as possible.

The project was designed with the most relevant LCA possible. This is reflected in the company’s decision to relocate to brownfield sites to reduce its impact.


For us, it is essential to participate in the world of tomorrow by using our skills and ideas at the service of the common good

The Recyteam

Marcela Moisson

Founder & CEO

Arnaud Trohel


Pierre-Nicolas Mussillier

Environemental Manager

Jobs opportunies

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