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Our RRM ( Recycled Raw Materials)


Recyouest offers a quality recycled polypropylene made from agricultural twine (PP). We guarantee you a perfect traceability of the product.

High-Density Polyethylene

Recyouest is the only company in France to offer a recycled High Density Polyethylene based on agricultural nets.  The traceability of the product is ensured. 

Our Recycling Service

You are interested in RecyOuest recycling technology

The management of used nets and twines is a problem in your country and you would like to find a solution. RecyOuest can assist you in this process.

More informations click here.

You are interested in participating in our experiment in Normandy.

Participate in our 3-year experiment by becoming a member! Our experiment aims to improve the management of used nets and twines and facilitate their recycling.


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