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The Main Figures

Our Solution

Over the past 20 years, with the evolution of agricultural practices, new wastes have emerged such as agricultural round bale nets used to maintain animal fodder. These single-use nets were until now waiting for a recycling solution. RecyOuest has set up an industrial process for recycling plastic material from agricultural supply waste. The first objective is the recycling of these nets made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

The company offers recycling services to organizations in charge of collecting agricultural plastic waste. 

Thanks to its patented process, RecyOuest can regenerate High Density Polyethylene without degrading it, without using water or chemicals and with lower energy consumption. In addition, the recycled raw material (“MPR”) is of a quality almost comparable to the virgin raw material.

This process allows infinite recycling in iso-function (reuse of a material in its original use) to fit fully into a circular economy approach.

Our Process

For you it is waste, for us it is a resource to be recycled.

Our Additional Value

We do not use water or chemicals in our recycling process.

Our project was eco-designed from the start to reduce our environmental impact.

Our gasification process allows us to eliminate our final waste while producing green energy.

The quality of our RRM is ensured by a strong traceability of the resource we use.

Our high quality RRM is similar to a virgin material.

Our process is currently undergoing ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) certification, which guarantees the reliability of our technology.

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